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10 steps to get more (and better qualified) B2B leads

Digital has completely transformed the B2B lead generation process.

Our eGuide, authored by Marsden Marketing's Principal & Founder, is filled with practical facts, tips and insights to help your business on its way to a more powerful digital presence. 

The Internet has forever affected the way buyers and sellers find and interact with each other, and has spawned the most dramatic shift in marketing since the invention of the television.


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Use this guide to learn:

  • The inbound marketing methodology, and how it's changing the way B2B companies approach marketing
  • Where B2B marketers are allocating their budgets
  • The 3 cornerstones of the Inbound Marketing Ecosystem
  • The most important things your website should achieve
  • Critical things to include, and not include, in your SEO program
  • Which content is essential to your lead generation efforts



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